4 Things We Like About Ignition

November 12, 2021
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Ignition, by Inductive Automation, is a software platform for SCADA. With its cross-platform capabilities, ability to be installed on servers, laptops and other devices and the wide range of database and PLC connections, Ignition has a multitude of use cases. While it is a SCADA platform, it can also be used for IIot, MES, edge computing, mobile, and other applications. With all of these qualities, there can be a lot to learn. Here are our top 4 favorite reasons for using Ignition.

  • Modular Packages – Ignition has been set up in a way that utilizes a module based system to compartmentalize their offerings. There are separate modules for vision, SQL Bridge, OPC UA, OPC COM, SFC programming, web browser, web development, notifications, alarms, historical data, and many more. The idea is to purchase the base system and then add on the exact modules that you need in order to create the best solution. That way, you only pay for what you need.
  • Unlimited Clients – As both an integrator and an end user, having unlimited clients allows greater flexibility within the system. There are also unlimited tags, connections and designers when working with the system.
  • Programmer’s Software – The Ignition platform is a robust software package and allows the programmer to fully customize almost all aspects of the system. Inductive Automation is still actively working to improve their offerings and provide updates to the platform.
  • Reuse Programming – The programming is centered around the use of Python scripting. You can create Custom Methods and Templates within Ignition and create your own functional library of customized programming that you can use across all of your projects.

Ignition has allowed us to offer the best solutions for our customers, for example in our recent project with Williams Carver. Whether the software is specified or you are looking to take advantage of some of these features for a new solution, Bachelor Controls can make Ignition work for you.