Process Automation


Modified starches resemble a specialty chemical process in that not only high-accuracy batching is required, but also sophisticated pH management along with the temperature control for both exothermic and endothermic reactions.

Cooking extrusion is a process in that ingredient additions are metered as a function of overall rate and the zone temperature controls for each of the barrel extrusion zones requires attention and the temperature control of the pre-conditioning cylinder so that the proper product characteristics such as mouth-feel, bowl-life, conversion-rate, etc. could be achieved.

Drying applications for both pet food and cereals involve both flow and temperature control whether it be spray drying, drum drying or multi-pass, plenum dryers.

Alcohol production Whether it’s a high quality bourbon with a unique taste profile or a high purity grain neutral ethanol for beverage and pharmaceutical use, applying the right level of automation from grain receiving through distillation and finally to shipping makes all the difference.  Data records for alcohol production are more strict than some industries.  The producer must account for the proof gallons produced.