AZO reigns as the largest company in the world whose business is solely devoted to the total automation and management of ingredients. AZO’s strength comes from diversified experience. AZO works in a variety of industries including food, pharmaceutical, personal care, plastics and chemicals. In short, AZO provides effective solutions for any process that utilizes powder, liquid or pelletized ingredients. This puts AZO in a unique position to accurately and rapidly determine the best solution to the particular needs of your process.  BCI is proud to be a partner with AZO-USA.


Companies turn to R/S Electric Corp. for reliable, quality electrical construction work. Our installation expertise on the production floor, the hospital floor, on the assembly line for heavy industry, manufacturing, water and wastewater treatment, institutional, commercial and utility projects is only exceeded by our commitment to serve and deliver for our clients. Our commitment doesn’t end with installation. Often, customers request that we keep our personnel on-site designing electrical systems and becoming part of the maintenance staff.

R/S Electric

The Williams-Carver Company, Inc. was established in 1955 to serve the food, dairy, industrial refrigeration, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.  They specialize in a number of product lines which include; positive and centrifugal pumps, manual and automatic valves, diaphragm valves and pumps, heat exchangers, compressors, hoses, temperature and pressure instrumentation, etc.  They are a certified distributor for many sanitary, industrial, and refrigeration providers as well as a SPX Certified Pump Repair Center.   With over 60 years in these industries, they have the expertise to size and recommend the proper equipment for any industrial, sanitary, and ammonia system needs and they also supply systems which are a collection of these product lines.  BCI is proud to be the integrator of choice when WC provides their turnkey solutions.