IoT Integration Services

What is the Internet of Things, and why is IoT Integration so important?

A connected network of things embedded with electronics, software, and sensors to the internet enabling them to collect and exchange data. These things may apply to consumers, logistical tracking, industrial use or probably anything you can think of. Successful IoT integration requires the ability to make it possible for independently created software systems and data to communicate. IoT integration requires taking a mix of new IoT devices, IoT data, IoT platforms, and IoT applications and combining them with IT assets such as legacy data, mobile, business applications, and SaaS; and making it possible for them to transfer information back and forth with each other seamlessly, resulting in a well-optimized end-to-end IoT business solution.

Control Systems Integrators and manufacturing operations facilities are familiar with the integration of devices. The IoT applied to industrial applications is much the same. However, the number and type of devices, as well as the variations and flexibility of connecting those devices extends beyond typical control systems technologies.

IoT Devices May Include:
  • PLC/DCS Hardware
  • Typical Plant Floor Field Devices
  • Remote Devices / Telemetry
  • Routers & Switches
  • Edge Devices and Gateways
  • Servers / PC's
  • Cameras
    • Security
    • Access
    • Safety
    • Accountability
    • Maintenance Troubleshooting
    • Inspection
    • Inventory Levels
    • Surface Temperature
  • Smartphones & Tablets
  • AGV's
  • Drones
  • And Much More
IoT Connectivity May Include:
  • Cellular Modules
  • National or Global IoT Data Plans
  • Ethernet / Wi-Fi
  • Long Range Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • LoRa & Wirepas
  • In-chassis & Standalone Industrial Communications Modules
  • And More
IoT Platform May Include
  • Cloud & Edge Applications
  • Cloud & Edge Storage
  • On-premise Only Solutions
  • Cloud Applications Portal Platforms
  • End-to-End IoT and Factory IoT Device Connectivity Management
  • OEE & Other Traditional Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Dashboards & AR

The place to start is brainstorming, white boarding, dialog, and mapping. This is where your Digital Transformation begins. Extend your analytics reach within your enterprise and beyond it. Enhance your operational effectiveness. Go paperless. Shore up security. Improve safety and accountability. Save.