Campari Bottling Plant

Project Summary:

In order to address the logistics associated with remote bottling along with the associated transportation costs, Campari decided to construct a new processing and bottling operation alongside the newly constructed Wild Turkey distillery. This greenfield facility would provide on-site processing and bottling capabilities for the entire line of Wild Turkey products – including Wild Turkey 81, Wild Turkey 101 and American Honey bourbons and whiskeys. Campari also sought to use the facility for the processing and bottling of its Skyy Vodka products.

Objectives / Requirements

  • Provide a facility to receive, store and process the full line of Wild Turkey products along with the processing of Skyy vodka to supply the respective bottling machines in the adjoining section of the new building
  • Provide an interface for the operations personnel to easily view both the bottling machines and the processing area in an integrated manner
  • Allow precise blending and proofing for the full suite of Wild Turkey products as well as the Skyy vodka line
  • Allow flexibility for day-to-day operational modifications and possible facility and product expansion needs
  • Ensure parts and technical support – including training – are readily available
  • Implement a system that has pool of skilled talent readily available to maintain/support the system

Results / Benefits

“The PlantPAx system has helped us get better and better every day with regard to our processing, bottling and material-handling operations.  Our KPIs are all trending up, and our cost per case is going down.

Our quality and operations teams worked closely together from the onset.  We made an effort to gain employee buy-in along the way and empower them in their jobs. Our employees have the power to stop the line due to product non-conformance or to make adjustments to the process.”

Wayne Knabel
Packaging Director
Wild Turkey Distillery