Batch Solutions


Inventory Management

Batching Assets Only

  • Inventory relief
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Inventory report



Campaign Management

  • Select a formula to run
  • Enter the total quantity for the run
  • Create Campaign (automatically calculates and develops the series of batches required to complete the order)
  • Campaign is posted to the Campaign View screen for selection and activation
  • Campaign View provides:
    • run
    • pause
    • abort
    • move priority
    • drill-down
    • reporting

Batch View

  • Batch details for a selected campaign
  • Provides for individual batch manipulation
  • Can apply “Campaign Hold”
  • Specific ingredient drill-down for selected Formula ID





  • Display of pending batches and their respective Pre-Weigh requirements
  • Pre-Weigh Batch Details provides further breakdown for pre-weigh components
  • Pick Ticket provides same detail as view with the addition of bar codes for product validation


Formula Editor

  • Allows editing of existing recipes and creation of new recipes
  • Provides for ingredient modifications, additions or deletions
  • Provides for the inclusion of parameters such as mixing, cooling, heating, etc. – this feature is more common in the ISA S88 batching model.